Monday, January 23, 2012

Ahah ..early for once!... Jo

I can't believe it... am on the ball this time... AND I've sewn last year's signatures together, but have yet to cover them.

Have decided to go with digital art for my first alphabet.  Each letter begins with a tiny piece of one of my paintings, blown up and given a grainy texture.  I have added Blackadder font and some spots.

All 26 letters will be eventually arranged into three mosaics of 9 letters each, then framed.  Of course I'll have one 7 x 7 spare at the end.  The design of that one has yet to be decided.

Sooo... herewith my first four.    Hmmmm... let's call it "in progress"... might have to do a little 'tweaking'... but you get the idea.


  1. Jo, these are wonderful!! I especially like the bold, festive colors.

  2. Hi Jo, I like your subtle inclusion of the "dot" theme. I also really like the letter continuums at the bottom of the works.

  3. Thanks Jane, Lyndell, rOb. While this is the general idea, perhaps each set of nine will be further fine-tuned to make a better complete image together. At least I will be on the home run then.

  4. How clever of you to use your art works as a background! As I do so much digitally, I can't believe I didn't think of a digital solution....but this time I'm working away on a hand drawn one. Will have something to show soon. This is a fun project but challenging to think ahead to what's going to connect the letters and how to present the finished set....hmmm.

  5. It is often a flexible process Terrie. As each letter is completed I'm sure floods of "what if?"s emrge. All will be revealed by the muse at the end.


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