Sunday, October 7, 2012

terrie's playing catch up

I haven't worked on my second ALAW alphabet in a while so played a little catch up while I was on vacation.  Most of this one is computer work at this point so I printed out the background for all the letters (flowers beginning with each letter in a faded script), found and cropped the flower images before we left and hand lettered the alpha using my parallel pen while vacationing.

Originally I was going to do one flower per letter but I have so many pretty flower pics that I'm going to use multiples (though I won't take up your time to show them all).  My idea is that these will end up in a handmade book and it will be interactive because you can pull the photos out of each alpha pocket.


  1. Terrie, these are wonderful!! It's nice that you're working by hand as well as on the computer.

  2. I love the sound of your finished piece terri - and the letters flow beautifully.


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