Monday, September 17, 2012

Kim Schoenberger - finally finished alphabet one!

Firstly, I must apologise for my lack of presence with ALaW the last few months, 'tis the usual story of work overload....

Doing catch up with my first alphabet and it is finished!!!  I am very happy with the outcome after which alot of brain power and contemplation went into the final touches of the light box to make it work effectively and look aesthetically appealing.

All complete - aerial view and lit up at night.

As this was my first attempt with making a light box and having no idea of 'how to' make one there were several things that didn't work which I had to reconsider! Not wanting to glue the pianola scroll down or frame the box, I decided to sandwich the scroll between two sheets of clear plexiglass raised above the light box with a 'pin' system.
Finding the exact size and system for the lighting was a challenge, which resulted in several trips and exchanges at the local hardware store, not to mention the different width cuts of timber - I eventually got it right!!! 

... when I found this lighting system, it fit perfectly like a glove, even the extension cord distance - if only I'd found this system first go!

Another view in the daylight...

Now that is finished, I best make a start on alphabet two!


  1. amazing and wonderful ! I do love it !

  2. Your imagination knows no bounds Kim...wonderful work.

    1. About 20'ish years ago Jo a fortune cookie once told me "Your future is as boundless as the lofty heaven." My mother replied, "yep, that'd be about right!" I learnt something about myself that day which I was totally unawares of. That piece of paper remains blue tak'd to my fridge to this very day and reminds me each and everyday - never put any limitations on attaining anything in life!

  3. Love this, and love the elegant solution of the light box.

  4. This is SO creative and so lovely.


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