Sunday, September 23, 2012


Continuing with my 'accidental alphabet' which began to just happen when I was experimenting with new watercolors. 
 Like many, I am captivated by the mingling of the pigments, the meandering drips, textures and shapes
 that appear as the paint and water meet. Ahhhh the best techniques I believe are the spontaneous
 ones . . . when I get so engrossed in the process . . .
 I forget about the world and what time it is and just get lost in the magic. So, I must confess: These letters are almost painting themselves . . .
. . . with just a little help from me and my brush. I hope everyone is doing well. We are enjoying Fall which is my favorite season. Thank you for visiting!


  1. Totally gorgeous - light and full of depth and intrigue. It's going to be a winner of an alpha. My next set of letters is almost ready.....almost ready.....almost...

  2. I just love these new letters of yours...they feel so spontaneous, and almost ethereal. Enjoy!
    - Lisa

  3. I love that title Jane - "the accidental alphabet" it describes those moments perfectly!


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