Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elaine's finished book

I am way behind. I went overseas for 5 weeks from the end of June and had a wonderful time, but this is the first chance I have had to finish off the first alphabet. I haven’t even started the second, but I have planned it all in my head.

You may remember that I didn’t create the letters in alphabetical order. As I was putting the book together and trying to put the letters in the right order, my husband suggested that I should call this book, ‘alphabet disorder’, which I have. The title is displayed on the cover.

The colours of the pages in the book correspond to the main colour of the sequins on each letter. I based this book loosely on a Japanese binding, but with staggered pages. I used red mount board with a black core for the back cover and the binding strips. This means that the back of the book and all the edges are black.

The book is 21 cm high x 22cm wide. The letters are 7cm within the pencil drawn square, but the white paper backgrounds are in a variety of sizes. This seems to add to the quirky look of this dotty alphabet.
The 'o' page'
The 't' page


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