Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eithna's Second Alphabet 2012

It took me so long to decide how I would go about this alphabet. I wanted to write the letters as the last time I used a stamp. I also wanted to use some paint. I tried various ideas some were even bold, big and colorful but in the end I returned to muted and small. I put watercolor paint in random blobs onto watercolor paper and then drew through the paint with black ink while still wet, I love the chance marks that occur in this process. I then wrote the letters in the same place on each card as I like the idea of the unruly paint with the disciplined calligraphy. I added a few "x" stitches over the colored marks. Sometimes I got a nice mark that was not in the right place (see the "f", it looks like a fly) so I sewed it on top!


  1. These are wonderful! So simple, yet interesting and textural. Very original, too!

  2. I really like the randomness of the marks and that you stitch, but it's different on each one. This is going to be a fabulous alpha. I might need to take a bit of inspiration from you and simplify for my next alpha (after this one that's already in progress).

  3. These are fascinating! Love the added stitch.


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