Friday, January 4, 2013

two more ... but still late !

here are my T and my P for the medieval alphabet.

and my wishes for all the best for all of you in this new year 2013.

I'm late BUT I'll finish this alphabet before the end of this month, I promiss !
and thanks a lot to Fiona and all of you for all the wonderful letters and realisations I saw last year
and, I'm sure, I'll see this year !


  1. Late, but lovely! I just love the intricate designs you make - your alpha is going to be just gorgeous! And it has to be so very time consuming...looking forward to seeing it all together...

  2. Beautiful letters. I especially like the T.

  3. I think the massive effort you put into each letter means it is OK to be late! They are stunning and intricate as ever.

  4. Just soooo them.....well worth the wait!


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