Saturday, December 31, 2011

Introduction - Noela

Hi everyone.
I am a mixed media artist, living in beautiful Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia. My friends and family are a constant joy to me and my creativity keeps me fulfilled.
I paint, draw, make jewellery, design, sew, photograph, travel, and generally just have a jolly good life.
My work is generally abstract, in earthy colours and often combines rust paint or found objects. I find that old, worn, pre loved 'stuff' generates its own energy, which 'speaks' to the viewer. My work carries the essence of 'wabi sabi' - the Zen Buddhist philosophy of finding beauty in age and imperfection.
My blog site is
I am participating in this 'A Letter a week' project because it keeps me 'thinking outside the square'. I am not a calligrapher or a book maker but I have developed a love of book making as a form of consolidating samples and gorgeous bits too special to throw away.
I am looking forward to seeing all your wonderful creations throughout the year.


  1. Hey Noela - thanks for the first intro (I don' think I count for that bit). Lovely to let folk know who you are and what you do...

  2. Hi Noela, this piece is lovely! So rich and earthy.

  3. A woman of many talents Noela! Looking forward to what you make next...

  4. You are always an inspiration Noela, so many talents.

  5. Hi Noela, what wil be the next one??
    Always a surprice,good luck.


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